• Specifications:
    Rent Demolition RS18 
    Weight - 1800 kg
    Length 2820 mm
    For carriers from 21 to 28 tons
    Opening width - 500 mm
    Knives length - 460 mm
    Working pressure - 300 bar
    Oil flow - 220-240 l/min
    The pressure in the line rotation - 60 bar
    The oil flow in the line rotation - 30 l/min
  • Additional Information:
    The design of the hydraulic shears Rent Demolition RS18 is simple enough, but it is reliable and durable, as is made of special alloys durable materials.
    Use the operation of hydraulic shears Rent Demolition RS18 is simple enough and requires no special knowledge. Like all attachments of Rent Demolition RS18, shears easily mounted on an excavator.
    Hydraulic shears Rent Demolition RS18 can be combined with the basic machine not only for the shortest period of time, but also with extraordinary ease.